DIY Pretty Painted Pots

Hi again! Here's a cute little DIY for these pretty little pots. 
It doesn't take long at all and they also make the perfect gift :)

Here's what you'll need: 1. Acrylic paint / 2. Water / 3. Little pot / 4. Paintbrushes
Paint the entire bottom half of the pot first and let dry. I alternated between using white paint and different colors, but feel free to do what you think is best :) It's your project so just have fun with it!
I went as far as to paint the inside of the pot too, just because soil rarely fills a pot all the way to the top.
Next, take your paint bottle and slowly drip paint down the side of your pot. 
I tried to keep the globs of paint as skinny as possible, it'll make it easier for you when you go back and clean up the running paint with your paintbrush.
Dip your paintbrush into the running paint and use it to create the same drip effect.
 Saturate the brush and gently run it down the pot to achieve this effect. Repeat until the pot is covered.
Once it dries it should look something like this! 
Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them :)

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Fourth of July Photo Diary - Part II

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Fourth of July Photo Diary - Part I

Time with friends.
Making new memories.
Laughing our asses off.
Setting so many things on fire.
Appreciation of the time spent together.

It really is the little things.
Happy 4th everyone :)

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