Miscellaneous Musings: Yellow

 images via Trey Ratcliff

With the Voltage Running Through Her Skin

Crop Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Secondhand
Earrings - Nasty Gal
Belt - Secondhand
Shoes - Secondhand
Longboard - Never Summer

Basically I was right about this weekend, I'm more sleep deprived than ever. My roommate's best friend came down from San Antonio and we all stayed up till 5'o clock in the morning almost every day this weekend. It was my roommate's birthday, so we all celebrated together :] It was a wicked fun time, but I'm not going to lie after 3 days I'm starting to feel the strain... I'm definitely going to bed early tonight. Plus my roommate and I decided that we're going to get back in shape again, so that means hitting the gym at 7:00 every morning. It's brutal, but we have just got to do it.

The weather's getting colder here, but this is what I wore the last day before the cold front came in (sometimes I really love Texas). I went longboarding in this random apartment complex (because naturally I was avoiding the cops, they have a City Ordnance in place here making longboarding/skateboarding illegal) and my great friend Ashley came and took pics. I just kept going around and around. I had to be careful though. I came really close to her a couple of times! I thought I was going to crash into her at one point! Bha ha ha! Anyways, the earrings I'm wearing were asymmetrical when I got them, but I clipped the top bits to make them the same length. Sometimes I really dig the whole asymmetrical look, but it's definitely not a look that works with everything. I got the crop top at Forever 21 for 3 bucks over the summer. I really love wearing it. It's so flowy!

I guess you could say that it's typical for skateboarders to wear long pants and a shirt when they ride, but I usually don't. Because unless I'm working on tricks or trying to carve a huge hill I just  prefer to wear the least amount of clothing when I'm out cruising, that way I can really feel the wind and the speed when I ride. If you haven't longboarded before you should definitely try it out. It's just one of those things in life that is good for your body and soul. I know that it makes me feel better. I've had some pretty stressful/crappy days where I'll get home and just feel like shit but as soon as I hop on my board, after a couple of hours everything doesn't seem so bad. It's just one of  the things that makes life great. I definitely recommend it.

The title comes from another MGMT song. I really love them. I go through music phases and right now their song "Electric Feel" gives off some pretty amazing vibes. It's the perfect mix of music throughout all of the ages. Seriously. Take the time to check it out HERE.

Hope everyone has a most wonderful Monday tomorrow! I'm off to watch a little bit of The Walking Dead with my roommate and then hit the sack most prolly. G'nite!


Granny's Closet

 images via Wildfox

 “This collection is a tribute to granny and her perfectly mismatched style, her love of cats, jewels, travels and gardening, her hair that she never cuts, the old mansion she bought in the 90’s with the last of her savings, her big glasses she always wears to brunch, and that grandma spirit we all know and adore.” 

 Wildfox's Resort Lookbook is flat out amazing. Not only is the styling insane, but the comic element underneath all of the pictures truly makes me smile. The picture of the two girls "jogging" especially made me chuckle. Wildfox has been around for a while, but they've been gaining popularity in the last two years. I love this brand. Everything they make is innovative, and its obvious that they don't follow the trends. They set their own.


Artist You Should Know: POLOCK

POLOCK is just flat out amazing. I discovered the little Indie band sometime last year completely by accident and I've been hooked ever since. Their whimsical sound and light-hearted vocals make me want to sing along and press my foot harder on my gas petal every time they're playing in my car. The thing I love about them is that they make amazing music, but they don't need to brag about it. Beautiful.  


Weapons, in the form of Words

Long Shirt - Band of Gypsies
Earrings - Forever 21
Necklace - Juicy Couture
Shorts - PacSun
Shoes - DSW
Nails - DIY :]

This week has been so hectic. Why is it that they let us take naps in Kindergarten when we were all little balls of energy, but now that we're in college sleep is a luxury that the majority of students cannot afford? Absolutely everyone is suffering from sleep deprivation lately and it doesn't help that this is the weekend before Halloween, so the majority of us are going to/throwing parties which is no help to the sleeping situation... I suppose we can always "sleep when we're dead," but that's no use to any of us because we'll no longer be living ha ha! 

Anywhoo! I found this run down gas station the other day! It was so old that I wanted to show how intriguing this place was! I brought my friend Ashley with me to the station the other day and we ended up taking some pics. 

This is just a simple look I put together. I'm really loving oversized tops at the moment and wearing long sleeved shirts as jackets. So many shirts would make great jackets and if you layer them right you can get some really cool effects. Oh! I did my toe nails myself! A big sowie to anyone who doesn't like feet!! Bha ha ha! It's really easy though, I might have to do a tutorial on it or something. I just painted my nails white first (so they wouldn't stain) and then I got a paint brush and painted the black stripes on top. Took me all of ten minutes and cost me nothing :]

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! This week has really flown by. Hopefully this weekend is more calm, but at this rate of college insanity I doubt it will be any better.

 photo dividersuperskinny_zps114f2a86.jpg

Meet the Artist: Dan Phillips

I met Dan Phillips back in 2009 when I was volunteering to help him build one of his recycled houses. It was the coolest thing, because not only were we helping to build this single father a new home, but we were also learning how Dan builds all of his housed out of recycled materials. Pretty much everything is recycled, except for the wiring etc. Just because it makes things safer, and complies with the building code. We also went to help with the Bone House, and build an extension to this little covered area in their backyard. The covering was made out of recycled wood and an old Chevron sign! I was so tired when I got back home that day, but I also felt so inspired. The fact that Dan takes the time to build houses for low income families, single parents and artists is amazing. The are cost efficient and Dan does it because he wants to help people, not because he wants to make money. It's a beautiful thing.
 photo dividersuperskinny_zps114f2a86.jpg